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Stocks Push Higher on Wall Street      07/23 09:27

   Stocks rose in early trading on Wall Street Friday and put the major indexes 
on track for a strong finish in a week that opened with a stumble.

   (AP) -- Stocks rose in early trading on Wall Street Friday and put the major 
indexes on track for a strong finish in a week that opened with a stumble.

   The S&P 500 index rose 0.4% as of 10:02 a.m. Eastern time and is hovering 
around the record high it set earlier this month. The Dow Jones Industrial 
Average rose 122 points, or 0.4%, to 34.946 and the Nasdaq rose 0.2%.

   The major indexes are all on track to close the week higher, essentially 
brushing off a sharp sell-off on Monday that trimmed 1.6% from the benchmark 
S&P 500.

   Banks led the broad gains as bond yields rose, which they rely on to charge 
more lucrative interest on loans. The yield on the 10-year Treasury rose to 
1.28% from 1.26% late Thursday. The benchmark yield has recovered from its low 
yields earlier in the week, but is still trading at relatively low levels given 
that the economy is in a recovery.

   Communication, technology and health care companies also made solid gains. 
Energy companies lagged the broader market as crude oil prices edged lower.

   The sell-off early in the week was partly due to jitters about the virus 
pandemic and whether variants rapidly spreading across the country and world 
will crimp the economic recovery. Stocks have been making steady gains, but 
trading has been choppy on a week-to-week basis as investors try to figure out 
how the recovery will continue to play out and what the economy might look like 
after the pandemic recedes.

   Investors are monitoring the latest round of corporate earnings and 
forecasts for a clearer picture of how companies are faring as people try to 
get back to activities that were normal before the pandemic shutdown 
businesses, workplaces and social gatherings. The reports have so far been 
mostly solid.

   American Express jumped 3.5% as spending at restaurants, shops and 
entertainment venues fueled a second-quarter revenue surge and solid profits. 
Twitter rose 1.2% after blowing past Wall Street's second-quarter profit 
forecasts on growing advertising demand.

   Snap, the parent company of social media app Snapchat, soared 21.4% after 
reporting results that were much better than expected.

   Intel, which also reported solid second-quarter earnings, fell 4.8% over 
concerns that supply chain problems could hurt the company. Supply problems are 
causing a chip shortage worldwide that is impacting a variety of industries 
while demand continues rising.

   European stocks rose, while stocks in Asia were mixed.

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